Sunday, September 2, 2007

Deerhunter @ South Street Seaport - Aug 31, 2007

I was the sound

I hope Friday's show was a proof for everybody that Deerhunter's strongest is their music and why so they are one of the best new bands around (around my head at least!).

Bradford was serious (you never know with him) when he said he wanted to check if his fans were looking after them because of their music or just because of their very publicized eccentricities. He did not wear any woman dress nor became a mic-fallating mad man on stage, but simply guided his four member band (since three days ago) playing on guitar the delicate noises that their spectacular Cryptograms and Fluorescent Grey are.

Actually they started with two new songs, Calvary Scars and White Out, which was funny to me, because I read the guy who just left the band was complaining they had been playing the same set for more than a year supporting their new album and EP. Although Calvary Scars was an excellent start, White Out caught my attention because not only I was hearing Bradford in the vocals but also, for the first time, guitarist Locket Pundt was singing. Judging for how good the songs were, Deerhunter has no intentions of slowing down anyhow for Microcastle, which should come out by the end of winter 2008, so we can keep expecting more awesomeness from them.

Then it was all familiar for whoever has been following this band for a bit now. Cryptograms, Hazel St., Dr. Glass, and Wash Off paved the way for the best song of the concert, Fluorescent Grey. It sounded different than the EP version. Damn, it sounded even better! I might have been too excited for how ridiculous that song was that I think I heard Intro and Octet next, but I am not sure about that. Last, they played the only single they have released, Strange Lights.

Not being the best Deerhunter show I have seen, I think this concert was important. It shuts whoever said, in the NYC area, that Deerhunter was only about being weird and crazy, and in fact it was a confirmation for some of my friends (as I am sure it was for way more people) that they are worth our time. Next time I am going to make sure I see them again in an indoors venue, for a 21+ show and with not much light... I have the idea it makes them even better. Go Deerhunter! Go! [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?


T said...

Thanks for the description of the show.. I'm excited to hear that Deerhunter are starting to perform new material, loved Cryptograms and the EP and I was starting to get worried that they were disintegrating under all the media attention.

Eduardo Osorio said...

I know. Colin, the guy who left, says everything is all right between them, and the guys were in a pretty good mood during the show. I think they are gonna be fine.