Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sonic Youth @ McCarren Pool - Jul 28, 2007

Hey Joni, put it all behind you
Hey Joni, now I've put it all behind me too
Forget the future
These times are such a mess
Tune out the past, and just say yes!

I hope my friend Felix one day finds this post. He tried to get me into Sonic Youth's music a while ago without success, but after Saturday night, I am officially a new fan.

I was standing in the back of McCarren Pool with a couple of friends. They don't like to be close to the stage nor to surf in between the people trying to find a good spot. Initially I was OK with the idea of watching Sonic Youth's performance from far, even though I had another friend (and huge SY's fan) way closer to the stage. Two songs into the set, with Thurston singing, I couldn't resist it anymore. I gave a "see you later" to my friends and went up to the front to experience another best show of my life.

The stage was pretty simple as everybody would expect from SY. Simple, but special. A fluorescent semitransparent candle with lights coming from its back was all they used to adorn them while playing one of the best records of the 80's. I haven't listened to all of them, you know, but that's what people say, and certainly, on Saturday night I had the premonition it had to be. Sonic Youth doesn't make the kind of music I can easily digest, so please take my word, if you haven't heard this album, that if I am telling you so it is because it gotta be.

I got pumped when I heard Kim's voice in The Sprawl. I love her voice. It's not a pretty voice and I don't care. It's rough and sounds very rebel, perfectly fitting the band's noisy sound. Then it came Cross the Breeze, that started softly and as on the record, it tricked us all with the change of rhythm. That song kicks so much ass. I swear that in that precise moment there was a refreshing breeze surrounding us and pretty much told us how magical and historical this event was. I am not lying. It's not that I wanted to see the breeze moving Kim's hair, although as a fan it is totally valid if I make it up, right? but I didn't.

I though the rocking couple Thurston-Kim were the only ones singing in the band. I concluded that because what I knew the most from them was their most recent album, Rather Ripped, and Lee Ranaldo doesn't sing on it. It turned out that most of my favorite songs on Daydream Nation not sang by Kim, were actually sang by Lee, so I had quite a surprise when I saw Ranaldo approaching the mic, while awesomely playing his guitar, and sung Eric's Trip. God, he is good.

It hasn't been hard to recall this concert's set list ;). Sonic Youth then played a slowed Total Trash and let us hear/see how Thurston got famous by alterating the guitar sound with sticks and stuff. I saw Kim doing it too later with her bass... she is a bad ass. Jajaja.

Lee got closer to the mic once again and then I decided he fucking needs to keep singing for SY. My first favorite song on the record is Hey Joni and it seemed it was for a lot of people at the pool. The ovation at the end of this song was so notorious that Mr. Ranaldo thanked us for our devotion to it. I loved it.

By this time, the sun set and everybody's mood was even more perfect. We were wondering with my friends before the show if the band was going to play the interlude in the middle of the album, called Providence. They did. Thurston was in charge and after tunning an old looking stereo, we heard the old voice mail recording of some Moore's friend calling him from, let me say, out of space. Actually from Providence, Rhode Island.

The bad thing about knowing the set list in advance is that you know when things are going to end. Now there was left only Candle, Rain King, Kissability and Trilogy. But then you remember Trilogy is like 15 minutes long and by that moment an "It's all right Candle" coming out of everybody's mouths, including Thurston's, remind you better why it is one of people's favorites and focus you back into the show again. I think they played this one slightly different, longer I would say, and another strong clapping accompanied the sudden end of the song.

Then Rain King with Lee on the vocals again, although not as unforgettable as with Hey Joni, paved the way for the awesome Kissability with Kim stealing the show one more time. And that's almost it... only Trilogy was left. But right, Trilogy is like 15 minutes long! It wasn't over yet man! I am sorry for the song by song and detailed review I am doing but I can't stop it. I loved this shit. Let's finish it. One of my favorite Thurston's songs is on this Trilogy. It's called a) The Wonder and I love it mainly because his singing here. On record, and now live, I am not gonna forget how he tells us that he is just waking around. Would you? Thurston rocked one more time with Hyperstation and then slowly left us with a song I wanted to enjoy the most from the beginning, z) Elimination Jr.

In the back of the pool the age average was somewhere around 30, but in the front it was 17. I was surprised of how many very young people were at the show. Sonic Youth has been on this business since 1981 for god's sake! Some of them hadn't been born yet and they were not only watching a legendary band play, but also dancing, singing and fisting to their music like a hardcore SY fan. There were some long time fans hanging out around there too because they are easy to recognize... most of them don't have much hair anymore. I know, I am getting there too so I'll shut up. Anyways, I wanted to pog with all these kids and a few old guys who were decided to move their bodies, but when the moment came, Kim took us by surprise and they all decided to shake only their heads instead. Well, I followed!

This wasn't the end. The band came back twice to play songs of their great new album for a very long encore and let us know how their musical present looks for them. Sonic Youth, If Kim is going to keep dancing like a butterfly as she did that day for all these songs I am not only checking out your present, but even looking forward to your future! [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

Sonic Youth Links: Stream Rather Ripped, Stream The Destroyed Room: B-Sides and Rarities, Official Website, MySpace, Wikipedia

Monday, July 30, 2007

The White Stripes @ MSG - Jul 24, 2007

Thank you for buying our records, thank you for coming to our show

Jack White turned out to be quite a simple and adorable man. I thought Mr. White, besides being a great guitarist and musician, was a pretentious guy thinking he was top of the pops in current music these days, but last week after seeing him to headline the Madison Square Garden only the great guitarist and musician part remained in my head.

Their show pretty much started right after Grinderman finished, which by the way was excellent and deserves to be talked about but I will wait until I see them headlining. Everything you could see was suddenly colored in red, white and black with their crew walking all over the stage dressed up in red and black with cute hats. On stage there was Meg's drum set, of course, a huge red piano, and mics all over the place suggesting Jack was going to move around quite a lot. All this had a pretty background... a simple red wall on which shadows of the couple of fake siblings were going to be minutes later.

Jack and Meg went into business almost nonstop playing lots of new songs as non very known songs sort of like introducing the whole audience into their music. I started wondering when they were going to play their big songs. Too many consecutive non-hit songs are kind of dangerous in a show... they let the attention go down and you have to be playing REALLY good songs to keep it up. Let's say the new White Stripes' album is good but not that much. During all this time I noted the obvious: Jack is an awesome guitarist. He was showing it off... sometimes too long tho.

This was the first Stripes show at the Garden. Jack even made the comment that they hadn't played that bar before... funny. He actually looked kind of nervous, but played like he was not. On the contrary, Meg looked very comfortable and I might not be an expert on the drums (indeed I know nothing technical!) but she didn't look too special at all. When she moves her hair and replies to Jack's vocals are the moments when I am happy with her, and thankfully there plenty of those at the show.

After a long set The Stripes finished with Fell in Love With a Girl/Ball & Biscuit and after a long break they played the encore everybody, including me, was waiting and paid for. Nine songs left the garden exhausted of singing. Everybody got to hear I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself, We're Going to Be Friends, Catch Hell Blues, My Doorbell and a slowed version of Seven Nation Army. That's the best encore I have heard in a show, and I gotta thank them for not letting me loose their faith in them.

Nice to meet you Mr. and Ms. White. Hope to see you soon again... [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

The White Stripes Links: Stream Icky Thump, Official Website, MySpace, YouTube, Wikipedia

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Band of Horses @ McCarren Pool - July 10, 2007

The World is such a Wonderful Place

That's what Band of Horses tell us in one of his new great songs. I want to believe in them and it's not being hard at all. After seeing them twice within the past month I am excited and looking forward very much to Cease to Begin, their new album coming out this October.

Ben was way happier than he was at the Hiro Ballroom show, with his ever growing new beard, and wearing a different hat. He was definitely in the right mood to playing for us extracts from his excellent Everything All the Time, three of his new songs, and a beautifully interpreted cover of a Rolling Stones song called Act Together, which they chose to close the show. No encore this time.

I don't know if you have read about it, but let me just say that he didn't seem to care that this lady was recording his Funeral...

It was famous the other day in the blogosphere that Ben shouted at a fan during a show because she was recording part of the show. Apologies went back and forth, but the episode hasn't been forgotten. Ben is a chill guy and to me it looked he was just having a bad day. He is a normal person you know? He also have twisted teeth you know? and speaks with an accent I suppose comes with all the people from South Carolina. He is not so regular tho... he can play this instrument like no one else:

Ben's voice wasn't particularly great today for all the songs, but I was happy enough, one more time, watching the band playing the banjo, drums, their three guitars, and their keyboards with excitement. I felt I was in a Wonderful Place. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

Band of Horses Links: Stream Everything All the Time, Official Website, Sub Pop Records, MySpace, YouTube

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Ponys @ Bowery Ballroom - Jul 21, 2007

Turn the Lights Out

After M.I.A.'s set at Coney Island I still had some energy to waste. I went to see The Ponys, because I read that Bradford Cox, of Deerhunter, was recommending them as a live show. He actually said "You won't leave dissapointed", and I didn't, but didn't like them more than I did already.

The Ponys are three guys and one girl all from Chicago, and they seem to have a lot of friends who happen to be models in fashion or something. I hadn't seen so many tall, good looking people in the same place for a concert... ahh and I say friends because they were saying hi all the time. The photographers were quite entertained taking pictures equally of the band and beautiful women who were almost pogo-ing. Isn't that unusual? Pretty and fancy dressed girls drunk dancing to a rock band at the Bowery Ballroom? Maybe I haven't been to enough shows but it was the first time for me. Anyways, I just recalled the singer, Jered, was tall and started talking about all this stuff.

First five songs into the set I was clueless about the music. I felt I was seeing the wrong band because their music didn't sound as good as what I had heard before on my computer. But it all became clear when Jered warned us that the old ones were almost over and they were going to play only new songs from now then. Then I realized that Turn the Lights Out, the album they put out this year, was not their debut album and I had been missing them for a while. I guess it's all right cause those songs didn't click on me.

Fortunately, the rest of the show wasn't dissapointing, as Bradford warned us before. Just judging the songs I didn't know, I feel they really got their shit together for this new album. They were tight and sounded enigmatic. The Ponys have two guitarists, Jered and Brian, one drummer, and one bassist, who is Jered's girlfriend. If they all had long hair then I would say they like to have it on their face while playing, but the awesome Brian on one of the guitars doesn't go to the same salon.

My friends are right. I am more into rock these new days. I am happy and still enjoying it. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

The Ponys Links: Stream Turn the Lights Out, Official Website, Matador Records, MySpace, Daytrotter Session

Saturday, July 21, 2007

M.I.A. @ Siren Music Festival - Jul 21, 2007

Missing In Action

I didn't know what M.I.A. stood for. I found out today and it totally made sense. M.I.A. sings/raps over very original crazy beats that sometimes make you feel you are about to join the army or something.

It was only a couple of months ago that I heard Arular, her debut album, for the first time. I liked it but didn't convince me right away to play it one more time after finishing it. I wasn't really looking forward to her new album, which is coming out soon, but now I am very so. Today, in the Siren Music Festival, M.I.A. totally justified why those tickets for her next show on Wednesday at Studio B were all gone almost instantaneously. M.I.A. is hot and very, very good.

Since her music is very based on her beats, she performs with a DJ and a back up singer. You know, like a Jay-Z. She also dances nicely and synchronized with the other singer it kind of makes you move at least a leg. I moved both.

M.I.A. played several new songs including her new single Boyz, which sounded better to me than when I heard it the first time. The only thing I used to remember about it was that it had a rooster noise and that wasn't too pleasant... that changed today. Now I'll remember how she moved her hips while going down like if she was dancing reggaeton. She also covered a song called Jimmy, a song her mom used to sing her a lot when she was a child or that she used to sing a lot when she was eleven... whichever. Of course, she played almost all her hits too and closed the set with the let's-all-raise-our-arms-while-I-sing-the-chorus Galang. Do you have an extra ticket for her Studio B show? I want it. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

M.I.A. Links: Stream Kala, Offical Website, MySpace, Wikipedia (recommended reading), YouTube, XL Recordings

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Field @ Studio B - Jul 18, 2007

Last night everything seemed to be out of place. By the time I got to Studio B, the venue was having problems with lights and sound on the main floor and I guess that was the cause for The Field to take the stage at 1:25 am on a Wednesday evening. I guess nobody there had to wake up early the next morning.

The first thing I did was to buy a Brooklyn lager, my new favorite beer. When I got it (6 dollars!@?#@) I remembered reading somewhere that it was also Axel Willner's new favorite beer. So I was looking forward to drink the same beer the guy I went to see was going to drink... you know and say hey you like "Brooklyn! Cheers!" later while playing or something. Never happened. Alex, aka The Field, was having Stella... and lots of it!

Dude started playing the excellent From Here We Go Sublime, the only really chill song on his debut (and wonderful!) album, titled as the song. I guess if you are reading this, you've heard the album already and the sample by The Flamingos that song contains... it's cool, and live, it's funny, cause everybody makes a face of yeah, right, I know what that is...

Then he played Sun & Ice. I am also sure you have noticed the mistake he made while recording live that song... well he made a mistake like that live too. Obviously, on purpose. He turned his face up to us taking it away from his computer two seconds like looking surprised for what just happened... then he had a sip of the third Stella he had next to his deck. He was sweating.

He was sweating not for being nervous or for dancing much to his music. He was sweating cause the f*cking AC wasn't working! We must have liked this guy's music a lot to have stayed there all the time. It was hot, and he had nothing else to do but to have his usual every two minute sip, and I followed too... well not every two minutes cause I bought only one Brooklyn the whole night.

The Field's music is not about dancing. It's a beautiful minimal techno full of samples, but I insist, it is not really for dancing. He did try to make us move tho. He played for us his old remix of Annie's Heartbeat and his new remix of the also great Hera by Gui Boratto plus several killer songs of his Sublime, like Over the Ice, The Little Heart Beats So Fast (full of all those fake vocals he likes), Everyday, and A Paw In My Face. Right, so Willner played almost all his debut. It was impressive to see him work on his songs live, with his software, from scratch, and deliver them so clean and armonic to us.

But I wanted more. I don't know, it felt so short and I think it never reached a peak. He only played like 50 minutes and I was tired. Anyways, there was a lack of energy either not coming out from me, the crowd, or possibly him, that was supposed to be there last night.

The show finished and he had to go to the bathroom to pee... too many Stellas. I think he had a good time... maybe, I should have had more Brooklyns. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

The Field Links: Stream From Here We Go Sublime, MySpace, Official Website, Kompakt Records

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Besnard Lakes @ Maxwell's - Jul 15, 2007


I like Pitchfork. They are my portal to new music and a couple of months ago I heard a song on their website called Disaster by an unknown rock band to my ears. The not unknown band anymore was The Besnard Lakes and live they were nothing close to a disaster.

The room was unusually almost empty. It has a capacity of approximately 200 people, but I must have counted only 30 there that night. Maybe that's why The Besnard Lakes sounded so loud, sometimes so loud that their voices were getting lost behind their three powerful guitars and I don't think that was the idea.

The Besnard Lakes are from Montreal, Canada, formed by the couple Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas. They both sing and sound gorgeous together. Jace, a guy with a sort of goofy/western look, plays guitar,and Olga, his wife, really kicks ass with the bass. Ah and they are good at choosing their people too. The other two guitarrists will leave you wanting more when they play a wonderful duel at the end of And You Lied to Me, one of the highlights of their new album Are the Dark Horse... it was amazing. The whole band sounded good together. Of course, Disaster was big and I was ready for that, but there's this song called Because Tonight with some great choruses and one guitarist playing its guitar with a violin's bow that was a pleasure to hear it for the first time and love it instantaneously. Does anybody know hwat was the name of the second to last song? the one before the cover of a Fleetwood Mac's song? Oh yes, I was forgetting that. So that second to last song was tremendous. I need to know what song it is cause it is not on the Are the Dark Horse, maybe on the first one.

I am listening to their new album right now. It is very good. I am not surprised they were just nominated for the Polaris Music Prize. I wish them luck. It is now reminding me of some other great moments during the show. As I said at the beginning, I went to see them without haven't heard more than one song before, but the pay-off was more than I expected.

In general it was a great concert and a privilege to see this up and coming band in such a small room as Maxwell's is (with so few people). See you next time Besnard Lakes, I will know your music better. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

The Besnard Lakes' Links: Official Website, MySpace, YouTube

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Les Savy Fav @ Citysol - Jul 14, 2007

I didn't know these guys and I will say nothing about them cause I still don't know their music. Next time, if I see them again. But here are some pics of how crazy their front man is, cause that was to remember...

All right, maybe he doesn't look that crazy. Believe me, this guy is nuts...

Too bad the kind of music they do was not my cup of tea. We'll see later. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

Les Savy Fav Links: Official Website, MySpace, YouTube

Monday, July 16, 2007

Cafe Tacuba @ Summerstage - Jul 14, 2007

Cómo van, ya se cansaron?
Pues nosotros si muchachos. Ya estamos viejitos!

I wasn't planning to see Cafe Tacuba this day. I was sort of feeling they were part of my high school era, thinking it wasn't cool to listen to them anymore and I was WRONG. Cafe Tacuba left the stage and I could only wonder one thing about them right after the show... are they the best latin american rock band?

Right from the beginning I was already having an awesome time. They started playing their great cover No Controles, original by Flans, and everybody in the public, as Cosme did on stage, went nuts. Then it was a continuous flow of hits... one after the other one.

They played Ingrata, a song with a very Mexican sound. It was awesome to sing it surrounded by lots of Mexicans screaming it too like if it was the ranchera of the moment. Well, it was... a while ago. I remember also they played one more very Mexican song, called Chilanga Banda. I love that song. Mexicans should love it. It's so clever! Most of the words in the lyrics start with ch. Do you know that the Spanish that Mexicans speak has plenty of words starting with ch? Just listen to this song and get amazed. You know? Maybe that's why I am liking Cafe Tacuba so much again. They seriously have mixed their roots with their music and I hadn't realized it. What is so Argentinian about Soda Stereo?

Does Cafe Tacuba have an album made of covers only? or those are just spread all over their albums? Let me tell you, they are excellent at it. Besides the Flans cover, they played Dejate Caer, a song by a Chilean band called Los Tres, which I liked a lot years ago, when Rock en Español mattered to me, and their version didn't dissapoint. Moreover, it fucking rocked.

They were having a blast too... dancing, jumping and moving like if they were 20. We were particularly entertained by Meme, the guy on the keyboards. He was dancing so good, like Dante or Emmanuel from Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, that made us try to imitate him. He was also in charge of another great moment of the show when, to our surprise, he sang Eres during the encore... I though Cosme was the only singer in the band. That reminds me that Cosme was fantastic too. His voice was as good as I remember I used to enjoy it and I particularly loved it when he sang Baile Y Salon.

I gotta stop writing in past tense about this band... Cafe Tacuba is back and you should not miss out as I have been. Start buying their album Cuatro Caminos, get psyched, and then buy the rest of their catalog... you won't regret it. At least you will learn some Spanish. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

Cafe Tacuba Links: Official website, YouTube, MySpace

Menomena @ South Street Seaport - Jul 13, 2007


Menomena released their sophomore work, a fine record with an awesome album art, at the beginning of this year and everybody, including me, thought they sometimes sounded like TV on the Radio. I don't think so anymore. Menomena sounded very original at the South Stree Seaport, but unfortunately kind of boring.

The shows at the seaport are the best in the city during the summer. Well, they are free, outdoors, with unexpectedly good sound and with a nice view to the end of the East river as it flows into the sea. Also, the place is surrounded buy tons of bars with variety of drinks and prices. You are guaranteed to find a special... you just need to look around. Menomena must have been boring enough for me to be talking about the place where the show was at... let me see if I can remember something else.

Yes. Menomena are three guys from Portland and all three sing. Actually two of them can... the other one can/should not. I hadn't noticed that problem while listening to the album, but live there were a couple of times I made a bad face because it just didn't sound right. My friend told me... it's all right for the kind of music, but I still disagree. Rock, pop, opera or whatever, a bad voice should be forbidden. And also, they don't need to look cool by showing us they all three sing.

Menomena has three albums, one instrumental and two with vocals. Their most known ones, the two non instrumental, are I am the Fun Blame Monster and Friend & Foe. I don't know the first one, but I can tell you they did play pretty much all Friend & Foe at the show, including the nice The Pelican. You know? that one I felt they really rocked it out. I wish they could have played the whole thing with such an energy. Wet and Rusting was also great and actually all the songs where one of them, Justin Harris, play the saxophones sounded good... it's always nice to see on stage a non typical instrument taking the protagonism.

They were fine, maybe I still need some regular shows to have fun again. Not every day one can see a Deerhunter. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

Menomena Links: Stream Friend & Foe, Official Website, MySpace, YouTube

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Deerhunter @ Bowery Ballroom - Jul 11, 2007

Just say “Yes”

Last night I had one of the best concerts of my life. I went to NYC to become myself into one more Spoon fan, but I unintentionally turned into a believer of Deerhunter.

Pitchfork has been crazy about Deerhunter this year giving the Best New Music category to their new album Cryptograms and their new EP Fluorescent Grey and covering in their news section pretty much everytime they go to poo. I have both albums in my computer, listened to them, but only the EP instantly cliked on me. Their Cryptograms passed through my ears without much pain or glory... initially. Last night, thanks to their live show, the Deerhunter music exploded in my ears like an E pill.

Karen O says that Deerhunter's live act is like a religious experience and I cannot agree more with her. There is so much energy and intensity on stage with so little movement, that one can easily get scared. Bradford Cox, the band's front man, has a very particular look, due mainly to his sickness. He has Marfan's syndrome.

Deerhunter got on stage making a lot of what anyone would start calling a beautiful noise, with Bradford wearing a blouse with little black and white squares and some awful pajama pants with the FBI logos all over. Right, there's a picture up there so I don't need to be so explicit. One could feel he was in some sort of custom and in fact he was. Anyways, two songs later… no, two excellent songs later… no! two excellent songs later, during which my skin turned into chicken skin, Bradford took off his awful clothes and let us see his real him:

Bradford's tastes and/or fantasies are not what make of Deerhunter, nowadays for my standards, one of the best live acts of the moment. It is more the tremendous guitar that Lockett Pundt plays, the force and precision with which Moses Archuleta strikes his battery by all means and the claw and effects that Bradford puts to his voice. Deerhunter sounded stronger, more ehtereal and more aggressive than how their music sounds on record. After all the concerts I've been to, I don't recall a band that had impressed me so much with their show with no need to really know their music previously. Here's another pic to remember…

The main guitarist, Lockett Pudt, plays with an exquisitely saturated guitar of reverb and pedals. The guy has the attitude of a dead-serious guitarist who almost doesn't turn his body around to watch his public… Bradford, in fact, tried to move him during a song from the only position he adopted during the show throughout, only to see him slowly turning back on his feet with his eyes to the shadows and his back to our eyes. I am good at imagining situations at shows, but to me he was just giving us a clear message: Just Say “Yes”… to the music.

Deeerhunter played several new songs, and according to my amateur ears, really good times are coming (already!) for this band. They should record an album live... it would make them transcendental in music. Their new album will be out in the spring of 2008 and surely it is an album I am looking forward already. We only hope that in the meantime Bradford does not have a mental collapse of that kind that is not possible to recover. Speaking of which, last night, Bradford admitted to be under the influence of certain medicine he had to take before the show. I guess that was what made him brave enough of coming back to the stage, after the encore, to speak to us… man, it was like the show had just started.

Rather, the second part of the show began. First, he wanted to make clear he did not have an erection during the show. What? How horrible! How could such a thing happen?! Relax. It did happen indeed, but you must have been there to understand the atmosphere that was surrounding us... he was seriously on another planet while sharing his music with us. So yes. He got excited. But as I was saying, he wanted to tell us it never happened. It's gonna be awful tomorrow when my mom and my aunt start calling me asking about what they read on the internet about all those things, he said to us with a tenderness voice that many could doubt if he was being serious or just playing with us. He was still in his fancy clothes...

… he told us things about his childhood and anecdotes that nowadays he kind of makes fun of on stage, wearing dresses being one of them. As he says himself, Everyone has fucked up things they hide. I show mines with a sense of humor. I hide my own things, you know? Who does not? I sincerely noticed the nobility of this man. I felt in my interior that all this talking was not about making the show a weird spectacle without content to call people attention. And you know? that is the point, for me it wasn't weird. In fact, it does not matter. Even though I think that there is a message in his manifestations towards his public, he is seriously (with humor, remember?) showing himself and that is to admire. Later, staggering, he tried to sing for us a song by Aliyah (but only tried!) and he interpreted one of his favorite bands ever, the B-52's.

Deerhunter yesterday, unexpectedly, exploded in my head to stay there and become into something beautiful, like a big-bang. Deerhunter, thank you so much. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

Deerhunter Links: Stream Cryptograms, Stream Fluoresent Grey EP, Kranky Records, MySpace, YouTube, Blog