Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Atlas Sound @ Mercury Lounge - Sat Feb 23, 2008

Scraping Past

If you read what it says at the top of the web page, you can see that Bradford Cox was one of the reasons why I started writing about the shows I go every weekend. Since he made such a good impression on me when I saw his stellar show at Bowery Ballroom with Deerhunter, now a while ago, I will probably check out any band he decides to affiliate his name to, Atlas Sound this time, because the guy is pretty much a genius to me and he is making one of the most exciting sounds these days.

Haven't you heard Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel yet? It's one of my favorite albums this year, and live Bradford and his band even made it more interesting. The show started with Cold As Ice, one of best tracks on LTBLTWCSBCF, but somehow I didn't really like it. They started playing it very loud and I was missing the funky electronics that makes it a standout on the record. It was a good beginning, but just different from what I expected. After listening to their debut album I thought Bradford was going to give us a more relaxed ambient show, but instead we got a pretty rocky one tho still not as dense as a Deerhunter's one. Once I got in the mood for it, damn, I couldn't stop thinking once in a while: Wow.

Bradford has a killer bassist playing for him (she has her own solo project called Valet), a nerd looking guy playing the keyboards (he has his own solo project but I can't recall right now), a cute drummer, and an excellent guitarist (and very annoying) guy who goes by the name Adam (aka White Rainbow). It's easy to see they haven't been playing together for a long time, but soon they will look like it because the chemistry is evident and good energy just floats around.

I got a picture of the set list, so if you are going to see them anytime soon, this is probably what you are going to hear:
Cold As Ice
Bite Marks
Recent Bedroom
River Card
Scraping Past
Winter Vacation
By the time I heard Quarantined, another one of my favorite ones, I was completely sold to their re-interpretations. I guess that's why the best moment of the show had to be, besides Adam finally shutting up, when the band played the pretty River Card and soon after blew everybody's mind with Scraping Past. I am listening to it right now. It's that kind of song that slowly evolves and makes you anxious about wanting to let it explode already, but the peak doesn't really come as such... it tricks you and sort of fades away without letting you notice. It fucking gets addictive. [pics of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

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douglas martin said...

let the blind is my favorite record of the year so far, and this is a stellar review. makes me regret not calling in sick to work the night they played seattle.

Eduardo Osorio said...

I know, I've missed some shows because of work sometimes. Good thing is that I live in the NYC area and most of the best bands around play during the weekend. Well, maybe that is not true, in this area there are good bands playing every day!

Deerhunter will start touring soon, so I guess there won't be any Atlas Soun live for a while... sorry.