Friday, March 14, 2008

Black Lips @ Bowery Ballroom - Mar 10, 2008

I was born ready for this

Not much has changed in Black Lips world since last time I saw them. They put on one of my best live shows last year. Since it was that good, I came back last Monday to see them again and they sent me back home feeling like I was 18 one more time.

The next day after the show I read on some blogs people complaining about how Black Lips' music appeals so much to 16 years old guys and girls and hence it diminishes it. Yeah , that's stupid. I mean, I bet your 15 year old brother or sister love ice cream, so therefore ice cream sucks? Of course not, so just admit it... you are old and they have better taste in music. Suck it up.

This time Black Lips started the show playing their Good Bad Not Evil with I Saw a Ghost (Lean) and Katrina right after. They were killers, right from the beginning, and kept it up the rest of the show with almost no time between songs. There was crowd surfing, as always, and the dancing seriously never stopped. In the middle of my enjoying (yes, I was dancing with your 16 year old brothers) I heard Boomerang, a song I don't remember right now its name but that it has the word "abandoned" somewhere, Bad Kids, Dirty Hands, Buried Alive, Cold Hands, Lost and Found, Everybody is Doing It, and a cover of a King Khan & the Shrines song. Awesome.

I think I have a crush on Cole. He is the rocker in the picture above. So Cole, if you happen to read this one day and you happen to be gay, just leave a comment somewhere here and I'll make sure I get back to you. Please keep being as crazy and cute as you are... I like to spread the word of a punk singer, with a drunk voice and a Colombian mom, who has visited the city where I was born. How come we didn't meet there?

Coming back to earth, perhaps the only difference between the two Black Lips shows I've seen is that this time they did play an encore, cause I remember having some time to breath. I remember they played the nice Veni Vidi Vici, one more song, and then they were gone to smoke some weed. Time to record another great record guys. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

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