Monday, August 18, 2008

Hercules & Love Affair @ Irving Plaza - Fri Aug 08, 2008


A couple of days before seeing Hercules & Love Affair in their come back to their city, after an extensive (and needed) European tour, I met Antony Hegarty for less than a minute at a random park in NYC, close to NYU. I didn't have time to ask, but I wondered during those two days whether he was finally going to show up at a H&LA show or not. Nomi has a powerful voice too, and quite engaging moves, but we all missed Antony way too much the first time the band played in town. Those times passed really fast... merely three months after, I don't care if Antony shows up one day or not... H&LA with Nomi and Kim are more than enough.

The night didn't start right. First, we decided we were not going to have drinks just because we don't pay nine dollars for a beer and Holy Ghost Dj set was not being very special at all. And besides, to make us suffer, the band got on stage around midnight, way later than I expected. And yeah, not even a beer on us! But man, love was in the air. You could breath it and that was what got us all drunk. Nomi, Kim, Andy and their band came out and the excitement took us over. Since the first song it was an insane party. It reminded right away of the best LCD Soundsystem show I have ever had, and this felt close. Really close. I couldn't stop dancing, fisting, sweating, with my friends and with my enemies, song after song.

What a difference with the first time I saw them. Kim is dancing more, smiling more, and not trying to sing Antony's impossible parts on Raise Me Up. Nomi is looking even hotter than always, and changing her clothes not twice but thrice during the whole set! And Andy, well, he is finally realizing that his DJ experience could be exercised with the wonderful modern disco he made on his debut album. He was in charge of pretty much blending the songs together, live, one after the other one, and it couldn't have worked better. He is good.

I have no idea what they played, but probably the set list was pretty similar to what they played at the defunct Studio B. And I don't even care. It felt like just one song... like a very exciting and addicting long song, one that shouldn't have ended, like never. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

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