Monday, October 1, 2007

Animal Collective @ Webster Hall - Oct 1, 2007

How's your day? How you doing? How's your mood? How's that song?

Strawberry Jam is such an outstanding album to me and Animal Collective is such a defining sound that having the chance of seeing them for a second time with a high probability of putting their shit together and give us a show to remember, was not to be missed.

Everything (except the opener) was right even before Animal started playing. Even though the show was sold out, I got a ticket at the door for face value from a kid who thankfully bought online more tickets than he initially thought, and got a coupon for a free drink at the bar across the street. I was breathing it in the air... the night was going to be THE night.

So let's see. All the great moments that happen yesterday happened again, except that Animal did not play Who Could Win a Rabbit? this time, but gave us plenty of awesomeness so we (me and my friends) didn't really miss it. Let's start with the main difference between this show and most of the shows I've seen a setlist for... they played Chores. Holy crap, what a song. Avey's voice was better than yesterday and fucking killed it in that Strawberry Jam, as he powerfully did it yesterday with Peacebone and couldn't do it for my favorite Fireworks (+Essplode).

Another difference was that the very new Brother Sport and the super classic We Are Tigers, this time, had Avey screaming and screaming with the feeling he was missing yesterday (they didn't play WAT on sunday) and Geologist and Panda collaborating with the moaning and singing. That's the Animal Collective I wanted to see, the one we love to shout out with. Damn, what a band.

Some of the new songs really stood out for me tonight this time that I wasn't high: Dreamer, as a beautiful way of opening the show; House, the best example of how Panda Bear's vision of music is influencing the Collective; Bearhug, an invitation to keep walking around with them, which I will surely do; Pan Flute Jam, hahaha seriously... this is a Pan Flute Jam!; Daily Routine, the perfect song to melt down the fireworks that Fireworks make explode inside us; and Brother Sport and No More Running, which are set to be part of one more wonderful album in 2008 or 2009.

I couldn't really do work after Sunday's disappointing (or let's say better: unfortunate) show and as a new devoted fan I could not let an incomplete set be my first impression with the Collective. Monday night was different... for an hour and forty minutes, Animal Collective was the best band on earth. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

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