Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Curtains On does CMJ 2007: Voxtrot / The Rosebuds / Dean & Britta / The Most Serene Republic / The Shaky Hands / Bon Iver @ Bowery Ballroom, 10/16/07

Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for organizing such a surprisingly awesome kick-off night for one more CMJ to remember.

The week couldn't have started better... Bon Iver's set was mesmerizing and I will regret (for a couple of months at least) not having cash with me to buy their debut album For Emma, Forever Ago (but we can stream it meanwhile). He sings very high and has quite a voice to make it sound unforgettable.

Bon Iver

Then the quality decreased, or originality let's say. I saw next The Shaky Hands who sounded too often to me like a rip off version of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. The waiting without much enjoyment made me hungry...

The Shaky Hands

Another surprise of the night was The Most Serene Republic. I had heard good things about their new album, Population, but hadn't had the time to check it out. People who has heard the new Dirty Projectors, Rise Above, for which everybody is going nuts about, that thinks is a bit annoying (like me!) could find a less suffocating effort with these guys. I did like TMSR and I think they can get potentially better. In fact, they will be better. A band to watch out for:

The Most Serene Republic

By this time I was really hungry. I mean, thanks BV, but who organizes a showcase for six hours with no re-entry and no food inside? Beers and Gins were all I could have, but of course it made it worse. Dean & Britta's weak set couldn't help... except a couple of songs towards the end of their set, they were just plain boring...

Dean & Britta

Time passed quickly fortunately, and it was pretty much because of my expectations for seeing The Rosebuds for the first time. I like their new album and its sound promised some dancing for the night. The Rosebuds had lots energy for being just three people on stage and easily overshadowed the previous bands, except Mr. Iver. By this time I had met more friends and had money to buy their new CD but they were not selling it. I couldn't believe it. CMJ, showcases, promoting new music and stuff and you don't bring your albums to sell them? Ok. I'll get it throught eBay for cheap then...

The Rosebuds

I was ready to go to a different show, but Voxtrot unexpectedly caught my attention. I have a couple of their EPs and even though they sound quite catchy sometimes they never got me interested enough to pay to see them live, so last night I took it sort of like a bonus track. Quite a good bonus track... no complains here. Maybe it's time to listen to those EPs again...


So I would say that the winner of the night, with respect to new music to my ears (that's what CMJ is all about, right?), was Bon Iver, but The Rosebuds were excellent and Voxtrot great. I'm gonna take a nap and get ready for CMJ Day 2... certainly the biggest day this week. [photos of the show]

Links: Stream Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago, Stream The Rosebuds - Night of the Furies, Stream The Most Serene Republic - Population, Stream Dean & Britta - Back Numbers

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