Saturday, November 17, 2007

Marissa Nadler @ Whitney Museum - Nov 16, 2007


Here I am again with an incomplete review... I got late to the Whitney Museum to hear the velveteen voice of Marissa Nadler. I missed a good half of her show, but thanks to YouTube now I can not only imagine how beautiful she sounded. Here it is one of those songs that I missed accompanied by Myles Baer in theremin.

Marissa Nadler - 55 Falls

I only know her recent album, Songs III: Bird on Water, and here it is one of the stand out tracks on that album (there are plenty):

Marissa Nadler - Rachel

Anyway, I definitely missed those two songs cause I do not remember Myles Baer helping with theremin but adding some bass guitar. But, what I did not miss was a perfect amalgamation of Bruce Springsteen's I'm on Fire with Townes Van Zandt's Tecumseh Valley and her own song My Little Lark (from The Saga of Mayflower).

Marissa Nadler - I'm on Fire (Original by Bruce Springsteen) / Tecumseh Valley (Original by Townes Van Zandt) / My Little Lark

I promise I will be on time next time. [photos of the show]

Marissa Nadler links: Stream two songs at Kemado Records, Interviewed by Stereogum, At Daytrotter, Official website, MySpace, Wikipedia

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