Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Brightest Diamond @ Gramercy Theatre - Nov 17, 2007

The 11 finger tour

I still remember how impressed I was with Shara Worden and her band My Brightest Diamond back when I saw her for the first time during CMJ 2006. She had recently put out her excellent debut album Bring Me the Workhorse, showed us how amazingly she can control her voice and how good she is at the guitar. Last night she excelled at all those things one more time and even showed us how to dance.

I got late to the show. I usually do not talk about shows I don't see in its entirety, but I am going to make an exception here. I hope I didn't miss either the best or the worst part tho, cause I don't want to give wrong impressions, but what I saw were 40 minutes of pure magic made a woman playing guitar, with cool hairstyle, a dress made by the 11 finger dresser and a killer band including a full string section with a couple of energetic bass and drum players.

Shara Worden's voice is classically trained and she is very smart for matching it with the kind of rock she plays. Or it might be the other way around tho, since she is so skilled. Her music, to me, is like a mix of indie rock, opera and sometimes even soft metal, but you gotta see her to get the full effect and fall in love forever not only with her music and voice, but actually with her. In one of those moments between songs she told us that her tour mate, Tim Fite, who I unfortunately missed, named the tour as the 11 finger tour because her dress looked like a regular dress made by a person with eleven fingers. It was because of that eleven finger that her dress looked like one with little things here and there. Cute, but now that I think about it I don't remember seeing anything particularly strange on her dress. In fact I don't think I even looked at her dress... I just looked at her smile.

My Brightest Diamond played Bring Me the Workhorse almost in its enterity, including the beautiful Something of an End, Golden Star, Dragon Fly, We Were Sparkling, Magic Rabbit and Dissappear, plus a very good new song, a cover of a Jeff Buckley's song (it was his birthday), and a killer encore with a song in French. Did you know that Shara released an album with remixes of Bring me the Workhorse called Tear it Down? After seeing her for the second time, it was obvious how Shara has been letting some other music genres to relax her music and sometimes even not only highlight its beauty but make it a lot of fun. Dissappear is the best example. After an excellent interpretation, her band kept playing the song while Shara put her guitar aside, faced us all from the center of the stage for two seconds with a look of warn, and started moving like the best dancer Missy Elliott is gonna hire for her next video. Oliver, one of the guys playing strings, joined her and they pretty much gave us fire.

Shara, please keep them coming like that cause I got hooked one more time. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

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N.Santamaría said...

Hey, remember the girl in the cage playing the violin? I didn't see her in your pics...
MBD rocks!

Eduardo Osorio said...

True. She wasn't at Gramercy. In fact I think Shara can't afford to bring a full band on tour, so this show was special.