Sunday, May 25, 2008

Black Moth Super Rainbow / Subtle @ Knitting Factory - Fri May 23, 2008

Black Moth Super Subtle

I usually do not review the opening bands of the shows I attend, but this time, having the hard work of opening for the very alive band Subtle, it would be stupid to deny how mind blowing Black Moth Super Rainbow were.

[Black Moth Super Rainbow][Subtle]

These two bands are not characterized for playing pleasant music for everybody. Black Moth Super Rainbow plays something I like to call electronic folk, with plenty of vocoder, and Subtle a very original mix of hip-hop and rock, let's say hip rock. To my ears, their best albums are their new ones, Dandelion Gum and Exiting Arm, respectively, and some of the most underrated recent releases that come to my mind (although Subtle's is very very new, but as with their previous albums I am sure it will be ignored by mostly everybody). But I guess if you are reading this you probably have heard of them already, maybe own some of their albums, and want to know how the tour is going. I am going to be brief cause I have another show tonight. In short words: It is going great, you gotta see BMSR asap and I think I missed one rapper in Subtle's lineup.

BMSR got on stage with a lot of equipment, this time with a couple of girls, one playing drums and the other one playing synthesizers, and four guys, one on bass, one on guitar (and a huge metal plate), one on keyboards, and the singer on the vocoder. It was seriously good. Most of the time I just closed my eyes and let myself travel in a gigantic gum bubble. I think their forthcoming free show at McCarren Pool, under the sun with a cool Brooklyn lager, will be one of the best shows of the summer.

Subtle was very good too, although not as moving to me as the opener, even tho they don't lack of energy and sweat . On stage they were a guy on manual drum machines, a drummer, a guy with an electric cello and Doseone, their frontman, on keyboards, samples and the craziest vocals you are to hear this year. Man, the guy has the sickest tongue around. Ah I almost forgot, Tunde (of TV on the Radio) showed up to back Doseone on vocals for one song, and "Hour Hero Yes" was present too. I have recently had on repeat their awesome Exiting Arm and comparing to that I think on record there is one more person rapping back and forth sometimes with Doseone, but that persone was not two days ago there. I heard about a van accident a couple of years ago, which left one of the Subtle guys quadriplegic... maybe that is that guy.

This gotta be the worst review I have ever writtien, especially for such a good show, but I gotta go to see Apparat (and Telefon Tel Aviv). [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

Sutble Links: Stream For Hero: For Fool, Official Website, MySpace, Wiki
Black Moth Super Rainbow Links: Stream Dandelion Gum, Official Website, MySpace, Wiki


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