Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Apparat @ Knitting Factory - Sun May 25, 2008

We are from Germany, btw

Apparently this was the concert to be at for the "in the known" German community living in NYC. They did not go to listen to Apparat, they went to be seen (and scene) and to annoy me. From what I heard, when people shut the f*ck up, Apparat put on a good show bringing some of his contributions to Orchestra of Bubbles and his own Walls to life.

Apparat's live show this time comprised three people: Mr. Sascha Ring, most of the time on guitar and synths, and two German guys, one pretty good at the drums and the other one on keyboards and helping with vocals.

Everything Apparat played off Walls sounded on point, especially its stand out Arcadia, but their best moment that night was definitely when they played Orchestra of Bubbles' Rotary. I gotta say that I am loving those Bubbles way too much. I though The Knife was the best electronica release of 2006, but I have been having a lot of doubts lately about that. Seriously. Anyway, yeah, that song was the best.

Sometimes the show sounded like a rock show with plenty of guitar distortion, something I was not expecting for a dance act. Sascha seemed to enjoy those solo moments tho. Maybe Apparat live is not a dance act. His sound live is definitely much closer to the warm Walls, than to the boombastic Orchestra of Bubbles. I gotta admit I was expecting more of the latter, but once the show got shape I fully realized it was not going to be an Ellen Allien & Apparat show and took the best out of it, despite of the annoying German audience. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

Apparat Links: Stream Walls, Stream Orchestra of Bubbles, Official Website, MySpace, Wikipedia

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