Monday, August 6, 2007

The Police @ Giants Stadium - Aug 5, 2007

The question is... you wanna sing tonight?

I have two CD wallets I brought with me from Colombia three years ago. One was very empty with the CDs of all those bands (4 only!) I had seen back there, and the other one full of CDs I was sure I was never going to see. The Police is now part of that first wallet, a wallet that is not empty at all anymore.

I really like their last album before breaking up, Synchronicity, and had the pleasure of hearing live great songs off this album such as Synchronicy II, Walking in your Footsteps, King of Pain, and probably some more I don't remember right now. It was very cool when their scenario took the colors of the cover of that album. It was like going back in time... to a time I was not really part of, but for the moment I wished I was...

The Police, together with The Smiths, are the bands I though would have the most difficult time playing together again, but with these guys it went smooth. It was very unlikely fans were going to see them tour again, 23 years later, but their prays were heard. The guys probably needed some money, but who cares? they are totally worth it (Thanks Cecilia!).

I already said I love Synchronicity, but this time, it was their even more classic songs which blew me away. Of course I'd heard those songs before, several many times, but maybe because the show was really good and I don't really know the albums those songs are part of, they were pleasant surprises. I need to get them! Anyways, it was a stream of hits, one after the other one. Take a look:

Message in a Battle, Synchronicity II, Walking on the Moon, Voices Inside My Head/When the World is Running Down, Don’t Stand So Close to Me, Driven to Tears, Truth Hits Everybody, Bed’s Too Big Without You, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Wrapped Around Your Finger, De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, Invisible Sun, Walking In Your Footsteps, I Can’t Stand Losing You, Roxanne, King of Pain, So Lonely, Every Breath You Take. Encore: Next to You

So, if you have their compilation Greatest Hits and you randomize it and add some other songs, then you would have one third of what we lived that day. The other two thirds were people's energy and the band's excitement of playing for their fans one more time... you are never gonna get that on your iPod!

The band sounded tight, like they hadn't been gone for long. Sting was awesomely playing his very old looking bass (without the jumping), Andy Summers still kicking ass with his solos and awkwardly doing his scissor-like jumps, and Stewart Copeland delighting us with all that percussion he had around. I was glad it was only them and not a full band of strangers filling in with their sound a space we wanted to be filled in by the ones and only ones, The Police.

We kept singing Sting's eeeeeaaaa oo-oo-oo while in traffic getting out of the mess that Giants Stadium is... it certainly helped. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

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