Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Thermals @ Maxwell's - Aug 10, 2007

This machine kills fascists

Last year, without much emotion (except two great songs), I heard the new and third album of a Punk/Rock band called The Thermals, now I am a new fan. The music they make doesn't fall in my favorite genres of music, so it wasn't hard not to pay much attention to them, but a couple of months later I regreted it. I saw them play the Bowery Ballroom and as I left impressed that day I promised I was going to hear more their stuff, and I did.

The Thermals is a great band: a tireless drummer, an awesome bassist with a particular haircut and a singer/guitarist with the voice of a true rocker. Hutch Harris, the singer, sings with the intensity of a revolutionary politician when giving a speech to his followers. We followed. Kathy Foster is the bassist, and man, what a bassist! I have no idea about technicalities when playing the bass, but she looks like having fun more than his fans and I do appreciate that. Her haircut adds a bit more of entertainment to the show because she jumps/bounces all the time as her blond curly hair in front does it too from side to side like a tight spring. Lorin Coleman is the drummer and together with Peter Bjorn and John's drummer they are up for the award to the best drummer this year in my mind.

I was very lucky of seeing them again in such a small venue like Maxwell's. Although people here were not as excited as New Yorkers at Bowery, dancing and fisting were not missed. Thermals played almost all The Body, The Blood, The Machine, a cover of a Built to Spill song, as classics now I recognize, but when they played Here's Your Future and A Pillar of Salt everybody got so excited that I didn't hesitate to join the crowd in front to pog like teenagers. This time the fantastic I Might Need You to Kill and their old songs from their first two albums stayed in my head so long that I had to buy one more album the next day (Fucking A!). Pretty good so far, especially after the show.

Now when I listen to the latest album, and especially after hearing it live again not taken by surprise, I feel one more time all The Thermals wanted to transmit with it... I feel the protest and boycott that everybody was hearing song after song a while ago when I was dea for them. I realized that The Body, The Blood, The Machine didn't only give me two great new songs, but a whole great new band... I just didn't want to notice it.

P.S> Hutch's guitar had a phrase written on it that he kept showing to the audience... I think it was "This machine kills fascists".


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

The Thermals' Links: Official Website, MySpace, YouTube, Sub Pop

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