Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Ponys @ Bowery Ballroom - Jul 21, 2007

Turn the Lights Out

After M.I.A.'s set at Coney Island I still had some energy to waste. I went to see The Ponys, because I read that Bradford Cox, of Deerhunter, was recommending them as a live show. He actually said "You won't leave dissapointed", and I didn't, but didn't like them more than I did already.

The Ponys are three guys and one girl all from Chicago, and they seem to have a lot of friends who happen to be models in fashion or something. I hadn't seen so many tall, good looking people in the same place for a concert... ahh and I say friends because they were saying hi all the time. The photographers were quite entertained taking pictures equally of the band and beautiful women who were almost pogo-ing. Isn't that unusual? Pretty and fancy dressed girls drunk dancing to a rock band at the Bowery Ballroom? Maybe I haven't been to enough shows but it was the first time for me. Anyways, I just recalled the singer, Jered, was tall and started talking about all this stuff.

First five songs into the set I was clueless about the music. I felt I was seeing the wrong band because their music didn't sound as good as what I had heard before on my computer. But it all became clear when Jered warned us that the old ones were almost over and they were going to play only new songs from now then. Then I realized that Turn the Lights Out, the album they put out this year, was not their debut album and I had been missing them for a while. I guess it's all right cause those songs didn't click on me.

Fortunately, the rest of the show wasn't dissapointing, as Bradford warned us before. Just judging the songs I didn't know, I feel they really got their shit together for this new album. They were tight and sounded enigmatic. The Ponys have two guitarists, Jered and Brian, one drummer, and one bassist, who is Jered's girlfriend. If they all had long hair then I would say they like to have it on their face while playing, but the awesome Brian on one of the guitars doesn't go to the same salon.

My friends are right. I am more into rock these new days. I am happy and still enjoying it. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

The Ponys Links: Stream Turn the Lights Out, Official Website, Matador Records, MySpace, Daytrotter Session

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