Monday, July 16, 2007

Menomena @ South Street Seaport - Jul 13, 2007


Menomena released their sophomore work, a fine record with an awesome album art, at the beginning of this year and everybody, including me, thought they sometimes sounded like TV on the Radio. I don't think so anymore. Menomena sounded very original at the South Stree Seaport, but unfortunately kind of boring.

The shows at the seaport are the best in the city during the summer. Well, they are free, outdoors, with unexpectedly good sound and with a nice view to the end of the East river as it flows into the sea. Also, the place is surrounded buy tons of bars with variety of drinks and prices. You are guaranteed to find a special... you just need to look around. Menomena must have been boring enough for me to be talking about the place where the show was at... let me see if I can remember something else.

Yes. Menomena are three guys from Portland and all three sing. Actually two of them can... the other one can/should not. I hadn't noticed that problem while listening to the album, but live there were a couple of times I made a bad face because it just didn't sound right. My friend told me... it's all right for the kind of music, but I still disagree. Rock, pop, opera or whatever, a bad voice should be forbidden. And also, they don't need to look cool by showing us they all three sing.

Menomena has three albums, one instrumental and two with vocals. Their most known ones, the two non instrumental, are I am the Fun Blame Monster and Friend & Foe. I don't know the first one, but I can tell you they did play pretty much all Friend & Foe at the show, including the nice The Pelican. You know? that one I felt they really rocked it out. I wish they could have played the whole thing with such an energy. Wet and Rusting was also great and actually all the songs where one of them, Justin Harris, play the saxophones sounded good... it's always nice to see on stage a non typical instrument taking the protagonism.

They were fine, maybe I still need some regular shows to have fun again. Not every day one can see a Deerhunter. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

Menomena Links: Stream Friend & Foe, Official Website, MySpace, YouTube


Eduardo S. said...

I did feel that the show peaked and then went downward in terms of excitement. The atypical use of the saxo is certainly refreshing.

Didn't have a chance yet to listen to get a hold of some Deerhunter, 'cause I was away for the weekend, but will do so today.

Eduardo Osorio said...

Hey Eduardo. Can you make it to Annuals & Band of Horses at McCarren Pool?