Monday, July 16, 2007

Cafe Tacuba @ Summerstage - Jul 14, 2007

Cómo van, ya se cansaron?
Pues nosotros si muchachos. Ya estamos viejitos!

I wasn't planning to see Cafe Tacuba this day. I was sort of feeling they were part of my high school era, thinking it wasn't cool to listen to them anymore and I was WRONG. Cafe Tacuba left the stage and I could only wonder one thing about them right after the show... are they the best latin american rock band?

Right from the beginning I was already having an awesome time. They started playing their great cover No Controles, original by Flans, and everybody in the public, as Cosme did on stage, went nuts. Then it was a continuous flow of hits... one after the other one.

They played Ingrata, a song with a very Mexican sound. It was awesome to sing it surrounded by lots of Mexicans screaming it too like if it was the ranchera of the moment. Well, it was... a while ago. I remember also they played one more very Mexican song, called Chilanga Banda. I love that song. Mexicans should love it. It's so clever! Most of the words in the lyrics start with ch. Do you know that the Spanish that Mexicans speak has plenty of words starting with ch? Just listen to this song and get amazed. You know? Maybe that's why I am liking Cafe Tacuba so much again. They seriously have mixed their roots with their music and I hadn't realized it. What is so Argentinian about Soda Stereo?

Does Cafe Tacuba have an album made of covers only? or those are just spread all over their albums? Let me tell you, they are excellent at it. Besides the Flans cover, they played Dejate Caer, a song by a Chilean band called Los Tres, which I liked a lot years ago, when Rock en Español mattered to me, and their version didn't dissapoint. Moreover, it fucking rocked.

They were having a blast too... dancing, jumping and moving like if they were 20. We were particularly entertained by Meme, the guy on the keyboards. He was dancing so good, like Dante or Emmanuel from Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, that made us try to imitate him. He was also in charge of another great moment of the show when, to our surprise, he sang Eres during the encore... I though Cosme was the only singer in the band. That reminds me that Cosme was fantastic too. His voice was as good as I remember I used to enjoy it and I particularly loved it when he sang Baile Y Salon.

I gotta stop writing in past tense about this band... Cafe Tacuba is back and you should not miss out as I have been. Start buying their album Cuatro Caminos, get psyched, and then buy the rest of their catalog... you won't regret it. At least you will learn some Spanish. [photos of the show]


Were you at the show? How did you like it?

Cafe Tacuba Links: Official website, YouTube, MySpace


N.Santamaría said...

"Ingrata, no me digas que me quieres"... Es un hit.

Eduardo Osorio said...

Did you see the video? click on Ingrata over the post. It's cool to see everybody so happy.